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I’ve noticed a trend that’s happening here in Wagga Wagga & Albury Wodonga lately. More and more businesses are taking way too much time to hire the right candidates.

We are in a market where talent is hard to come by and even harder to keep, we need to start to improve our hiring methods.

When you finally secure a great candidate for a role, why mess around and go back and forth over a week or two for the sake of possibly 5-10K. If you break down the payroll cost over a year you will soon see that you are better off paying a higher salary and being flexible on working arrangements than sticking to your guns.

When an employee is content with their salary and working conditions, they generally won’t be scouting around on seek or other job boards in search of another option.

I’ve witnessed on numerous occasions, businesses in Wagga Wagga & Albury Wodonga that have lost the most sought after or talented candidates throughout the final stages of the recruitment process. The best candidates will have put the feelers out to several companies or contacts in their network so they most likely have other options on the table. Our advice would be that when you find that perfect candidate, lock them in ASAP and make it known that you want them on your team.

There are many different reasons why you should start to look at the speed of hiring in your business.

Leaving positions unfilled due to a lengthy hiring process can have a massive impact on your business and its revenue. Earlier this year we had a discussion with a client who we had recently filled a sales role for and he was having some fun and stirring us up about the fee involved. The role was vacant for six weeks before they had made contact with us and we discussed how many sales the new consultant had made in their first month and this clearly outweighed the fee not to mention the lost revenue from the weeks the role sat vacant. Imagine if they had of hired the candidate six weeks beforehand!!

From our experience, a lot of businesses believe that extensive hiring procedures would allow them to select the best candidate possible, but the time spent comparing candidates won’t pay off if the best ones have already accepted another offer.

Call us to discuss how we can help improve your recruitment process and ultimately shorten the time to hire for your business.

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