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March 2019

Why Accountants are jumping ship

By Recruitment

We have seen a huge increase in accountants getting out of public practice and stepping into company or management accounting..

The main reasons are culture, salary, lack of training or the archaic structure of how the public practice system operates which in-turn impacts the culture.

What is the answer?

Does the public practice accounting industry need a complete shake up??

Ive witnessed the roll out of the fixed pricing model in the legal industry and for the firms that have taken this approach, their ability to attract and retain staff has gone through the roof.

The best thing about fixed price billing is the fact that the client knows upfront what the services will cost. I hear you say, but this is crazy, we wont even know how much time this will take.

It doesn’t come down to time but the value that you are delivering.

The impact this has on your staff would be huge. The pressure comes off a little and they can ensure they are doing the best thing for their client. It gives your culture that little bit of flexibility too, instead of counting minutes your staff can still interact with each other whilst getting the job done.

Although accounting is about numbers, it is primarily a people business so leadership is critical and a firm will never outperform its leadership team.

What we hear from people is there is a lack of mentoring on offer to them, they are promised a lot and then receive minimal training and are thrown in the deep-end and within the blink of an eye, three years have passed, they get stale and then look at opportunities with more variety.

I think firms should take a much more pro-active approach to training and mentoring which will increase their retention rates. You shouldn’t underestimate the impact the leadership teams behaviour has on their people.

Nearly every firm we have spoken with over the past few years are all having huge problems recruiting and retaining Accountants.

The biggest issue however, is salary.. How are CPA qualified accountants with 2-3 years experience still only earning $60,000 per year??

Company Accountants are earning a minimum of $80,000 straight off the bat with bonuses and annual pay rises. This is what you are competing with.

Im not saying i have all or any of the answers to this, it is simply an observation over the past five years from speaking with many accountants who have left that side of the industry.

Let me know your thoughts.

Comparing Coffee With Culture

By Recruitment

After a few too many cups this week, I’ve got the coffeel’s.  Anyone that knows me would tell you this can lead to a variety of conversations on any given topic.. Today, however my mind is focussed on workplace culture.. Well, I’ve come across a few styles in my time and much the same with coffee, sometimes you are left with a bitter taste in your mouth and other times it’s exactly the pick me up you need.

Let’s start with a burnt Cappuccino, a real crowd pleaser.

A beautiful creamy froth, much like your first twelve months in a new role. The people are great and there is loads of potential. However, once you get past the first couples of spoonful’s of froth and chocolate sprinkling ( the first couple of years) you realise there isn’t much depth to the company and your role. You begin thinking, am I still going to be in the same position in another two years’ time? Am I learning and developing? You love the people, however you can see they all lack motivation and have been stuck in the same role for the past ten years. You’ve now figured out the cliques of the business and the people who you try to avoid on a daily basis, it’s only a matter of time before you order another coffee at new cafe (a new Employer).

An Espresso. An acquired taste and not overly popular.

The definition of an espresso is;
“Shooting boiling water under high pressure through finely grounded coffee beans”. We all know where I’m heading with this small delight. It’s safe to say we have all been here at least once. You are working under a Manager that possesses limited people skills that has been promoted into a role above their skillset. Most of the time, only means one thing – Micromanagement. Just like shooting boiling water, you are constantly feeling the whip lash effects from your Managers moods. Work can be fun, especially when playing ‘Pick the personality’ with the team. An espresso is something you tend to try once and after you have it, you realise why you don’t go back – similar to that anxious feeling you get before you walk through those doors each morning. Depresso.

The classic go-to, a Flat White.

What makes a flat white different to most other coffees is the way it is prepared and poured. This creamy and consistent approach is what employee’s thrive on. Milk is the hidden ingredient here aka your culture and it is important that you have a clear direction. When Milk (your culture) is steamed and frothed correctly this creates a genuinely unique experience. Yes, more work goes into making a ridiculously good flat white, however your taste buds will always know the difference between the good and the bad. People want work within a team that plays on their strengths and ensures they are constantly learning and developing.

It is so important for Employers to have the right tools in order to retain employees and ensure they enjoy their roles and the culture. Like ratios between coffee and milk, this ultimately comes down to two things -Leadership and Culture. Your staff are your biggest asset and your culture is your brand, it’s a window into your soul, or in this case – cup. How are you ensuring your staff are happy in their roles?

Well, there’s my two bobs worth, I am always keen to chat about all things recruitment in Wagga Wagga and Albury Wodonga. Get in touch and we can discuss over a coffee, my shout!

Mindset & Staff Training

By Recruitment

We were lucky enough to be mentioned on the shortlist website which is a subscription service that keeps recruitment agencies and talent acquisition professionals informed about crucial developments in the sector.

Read the article below:

Huntsman Recruiting founder Rhyley Hunter has seen similar strong growth from training consultants with no prior industry experience.

Although hiring recruiters with strong networks is also important, he says inexperienced consultants have a clean slate, without any preconceived ideas about what the industry is like or other “bad habits”.

The company, which recently rebranded from Wagga Wagga Recruitment and Albury Wodonga Recruitment, also works with a business/mindset coach on a weekly basis “who keeps us accountable in both our personal and business life”, he says.

“This is a fair expense; however we see this as a massive investment in ourselves, and the success we have had from this has been phenomenal.”

The white-collar regional specialist has just had a record quarter, on top of exponential increases in revenue in the years to March 2017 and March 2018 (up 276% and 225% respectively), and plans to expand into five or six locations, Hunter says.

How To Ace Your Next Job Interview

By Recruitment

Looking to ace your next interview? I bet you never thought that you could learn a thing or two from the movie ‘Step Brothers’.

There’s no need to study the movie, check out the snippet below for a good laugh with a few examples of what not to do…

Check it out here

In this scene, Brennen and Dale have been told by their parents that they need to get jobs, even though they’re very musically talented…  

They’ve been offered a couple of interviews and it wouldn’t be a funny movie if it went smoothly, now would it?  

Examples of what not to do:

Learn how to pronounce the names of the people you’re meeting with. This is obviously exaggerated in the movie because I’m not sure how many people would struggle with the name Pam.

Don’t ask personal or inappropriate questions. The step brothers ask the interview to rank his wife against celebrities in terms of attractiveness and how much he makes per annum. This is obviously a big NO!

Provide credible references. Brennen provides his stepbrother and Jesus as his references on his resume. Be a bit more selective and provide references that will be able to attest to your professional history.

Always add a positive spin when asked about your weaknesses. In the movie, the step brothers discuss their inability to work after 11am, they’re slow learners and they’re not good listeners. Instead of just listing things like this, be sure to discuss how you plan to overcome this, for example, “I have learnt to take notes during meetings to remain present and to ensure I remember the important topics.”

Don’t talk over the interviewer! This seems like a no brainer but take your time with answering and let the interview get out what they need to. In the movie, the step brothers are verbally abusive to Pam and talk over her for most of the interview. Take a step back, be present but respectful.

Here’s a few extra tips from the team at Huntsman Recruiting:

Prepare a list of questions for the interviewer. This might be relating to the role, the company, the culture etc. Anything you’re wondering about before you jump into the role to settle any of your concerns.

Befriend the Receptionist. The Receptionist will be your best friend! Making a lasting impression with the Receptionist will be extremely helpful – they’re the face of the business and often have a lot of input in first impressions of candidates.

Always be thankful. Being respectful and appreciative of the panel’s time, shows how you would act if you were selected. Sending a follow up email after you finish your interview thanking the panel for their time will go a LONG way!

Let us know what you think of our tips from Step Brothers and if there are any other interviews in movies you want us to check out!

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