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After a few too many cups this week, I’ve got the coffeel’s.  Anyone that knows me would tell you this can lead to a variety of conversations on any given topic.. Today, however my mind is focussed on workplace culture.. Well, I’ve come across a few styles in my time and much the same with coffee, sometimes you are left with a bitter taste in your mouth and other times it’s exactly the pick me up you need.

Let’s start with a burnt Cappuccino, a real crowd pleaser.

A beautiful creamy froth, much like your first twelve months in a new role. The people are great and there is loads of potential. However, once you get past the first couples of spoonful’s of froth and chocolate sprinkling ( the first couple of years) you realise there isn’t much depth to the company and your role. You begin thinking, am I still going to be in the same position in another two years’ time? Am I learning and developing? You love the people, however you can see they all lack motivation and have been stuck in the same role for the past ten years. You’ve now figured out the cliques of the business and the people who you try to avoid on a daily basis, it’s only a matter of time before you order another coffee at new cafe (a new Employer).

An Espresso. An acquired taste and not overly popular.

The definition of an espresso is;
“Shooting boiling water under high pressure through finely grounded coffee beans”. We all know where I’m heading with this small delight. It’s safe to say we have all been here at least once. You are working under a Manager that possesses limited people skills that has been promoted into a role above their skillset. Most of the time, only means one thing – Micromanagement. Just like shooting boiling water, you are constantly feeling the whip lash effects from your Managers moods. Work can be fun, especially when playing ‘Pick the personality’ with the team. An espresso is something you tend to try once and after you have it, you realise why you don’t go back – similar to that anxious feeling you get before you walk through those doors each morning. Depresso.

The classic go-to, a Flat White.

What makes a flat white different to most other coffees is the way it is prepared and poured. This creamy and consistent approach is what employee’s thrive on. Milk is the hidden ingredient here aka your culture and it is important that you have a clear direction. When Milk (your culture) is steamed and frothed correctly this creates a genuinely unique experience. Yes, more work goes into making a ridiculously good flat white, however your taste buds will always know the difference between the good and the bad. People want work within a team that plays on their strengths and ensures they are constantly learning and developing.

It is so important for Employers to have the right tools in order to retain employees and ensure they enjoy their roles and the culture. Like ratios between coffee and milk, this ultimately comes down to two things -Leadership and Culture. Your staff are your biggest asset and your culture is your brand, it’s a window into your soul, or in this case – cup. How are you ensuring your staff are happy in their roles?

Well, there’s my two bobs worth, I am always keen to chat about all things recruitment in Wagga Wagga and Albury Wodonga. Get in touch and we can discuss over a coffee, my shout!

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