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Mental Health in Australia

Almost half of the Australian population are estimated to experience a mental disorder in their lifetime. Of these mental health disorders, depression and anxiety are the most common.

How does mental health affect the employer?

Happiness – there are loads of studies to back up that happier employees are more productive and do better work.

Staff retainment – happier, engaged staff are less likely to look elsewhere. Your staff retainment and staff attraction will grow as your employee’s happiness does.

Leave – happier staff are less likely to take sick leave, decreasing the cost of illness in the business.

How to improve mental health in the workplace

Talk about mental health – the more you talk about mental health, the more likely your employees will feel comfortable doing the same.

R U OK? – Earlier this month, we had the official R U OK? Day. Check-in with your team more often than this day. Regularly asking “are you okay?” Is a simple way to make a huge impact.

Promote healthy wellbeing – from supplying discounted or free gym memberships, time off for counselling or creating mental health programs, there are so many ways to support mental health in your workplace.

The bottom line is, happier, healthier employees are more likely to be productive, engaged and loyal to your business. What do you do to support your team?

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