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Mental Health in the Workplace

By Recruitment

Mental Health in Australia

Almost half of the Australian population are estimated to experience a mental disorder in their lifetime. Of these mental health disorders, depression and anxiety are the most common.

How does mental health affect the employer?

Happiness – there are loads of studies to back up that happier employees are more productive and do better work.

Staff retainment – happier, engaged staff are less likely to look elsewhere. Your staff retainment and staff attraction will grow as your employee’s happiness does.

Leave – happier staff are less likely to take sick leave, decreasing the cost of illness in the business.

How to improve mental health in the workplace

Talk about mental health – the more you talk about mental health, the more likely your employees will feel comfortable doing the same.

R U OK? – Earlier this month, we had the official R U OK? Day. Check-in with your team more often than this day. Regularly asking “are you okay?” Is a simple way to make a huge impact.

Promote healthy wellbeing – from supplying discounted or free gym memberships, time off for counselling or creating mental health programs, there are so many ways to support mental health in your workplace.

The bottom line is, happier, healthier employees are more likely to be productive, engaged and loyal to your business. What do you do to support your team?

Resigning is never easy

By Recruitment

Resigning is never easy.

The way you resign from a job can impact your future career and relationships, so it’s important to resign in a way that doesn’t damage your career, reputation or personal brand.

What to do:

Provide as much notice as possible. Most likely your employer will appreciate any additional notice.

Resign to your direct manager, where possible.

Have a letter ready to go outlining your intention to resign, the reasoning, date of departure and thank them for the opportunity to have worked there. Keep it brief and to the point.

During your notice period, complete all projects and tasks to the best of your ability, go above and beyond by writing a solid handover for your manager.

Where possible, assist in training your replacement, don’t put a negative spin on things, they are excited about their new role – keep it that way.

Buy them a gift, thanking them for the time they put into yourself, remember, this once was the job of your dreams.

What not to do:

Don’t be negative about the company. Be technical, not emotional.

Don’t brag about your new position.

Don’t forget to say goodbye to your colleagues.

I’ll leave you with this…

Last impressions are just as important as first impressions.

My take on giving people your full attention

By Recruitment

During a recent interview I sat in on with a client last month, one of the Directors received a phone call.

They fumbled around in their pocket and I thought to myself, please don’t answer it.

They picked up the phone mid-conversation, spoke for a few minutes, hung up and resumed the interview like nothing had happened.

I understand people are busy, however, you need to show respect to potential employee’s. This is a chance to sell yourself and your company, gone are the days where you’re doing people a favour by having a vacancy.

Give people your full attention, if you’ve blocked out time for an interview then put your phone on silent and be truly present.

Trust me, this goes a long way.

Working mums

By Recruitment

I recently heard a story regarding an employee that had requested a sit down with their Manager to discuss a pay-rise after close to 10 years of employment.

To determine the pay-rise, her Manager rattled off a few things around her career path and then threw in the cheeky question of “Will you be having any more kids?”.

It baffles me to think this is still happening?!

I’m by no means saying this happens all the time and tarring everyone with the same brush, but it shouldn’t happen at all.

Stop moving the goalposts for working mums. Yes, mums may need to take some time off to spend with their kids during school holidays, yes kids get sick, and yes they may want to have more children in the future…

Working Mums are also moulding these young people into healthy and mindful adults and at the same time turning up to work and giving it their all.

I take my hat off to all the working mums out there trying to juggle everything at once.

Important skills to have in any industry

By Recruitment

Young adults in Australia are likely to have a range of positions throughout their career. Studies from Australian Jobs 2018 show that Australians will make an average of 17 changes in employers and work across five different careers.

Why should you care about this now if you’re not looking to change positions right now?

It’s important to have adaptable qualities and skills in any position but when it comes time for any promotion, movement or change, you will have an edge up with any position on the market.

Making sure you do your research and ensuring you have adaptable skills will be extremely beneficial. Some skills that are beneficial in any position are;

  • Clear communication
  • Strong presentation
  • Digital literacy
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving

In addition to these, specialising in one industry will obviously benefit you in that field. Obtaining diplomas, degrees or any certification can help.

Even keeping up on the news within your industry; setting up google alerts or checking in every now and then will keep you in the know with advances, new technologies and just give you a general idea of what’s happening outside of your workplace.

Occupations that are expected to grow most in the near future are Registered Nurses, Aged and Disabled Carers, Accountants, and Electricians.

Would you consider studying in one of these areas or even switching up your career?

Candidate Etiquette

By Recruitment

Kaitlin sat down to discuss candidate etiquette during recruitment processes. Check out a few of her tips!

Getting creative when applying for jobs

By Recruitment

According to the ABS, only 60% of jobs in Australia are advertised online. That leaves 40% of roles that are being filled without advertising online. This gives you the opportunity to get creative!

Contact companies you’re genuinely interested in working with. Think outside the box. Make a lasting impression. You never know what jobs are available or coming up, so give it a crack!

Before I even thought about moving to Wagga, I had followed Huntsman Recruiting on Instagram. After months of interacting with them on Instagram, seeing how the business worked and getting to know their culture through Instagram stories and posts, it was easy to see that they aligned with my ideals in the industry that I was passionate about.

When my Fiance and I first started talking about moving to Wagga, I knew I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. I shot Rhyley a message to see if he’d be open to the idea of me coming on board… Now it was just that easy, a couple of months later I moved to Wagga!

Simple things like this can work for you no matter what the industry is. One small step, a five-minute phone call, an Instagram message… can change your world and theirs!

It’s never a bad thing to build relationships with people in your industry anyways… Especially in smaller cities like Wagga and Albury Wodonga. In one way or another, you’ll connect with them later down the track and making a lasting impression will help your future self out…

So, what are you waiting for? You’re ready to contact businesses you’re truly interested in… Get to building those relationships!

Let me know if this is something you’ve done before and how it worked for you. I’d also love to know if this has prompted you to contact any businesses you’re interested in working with!

Why you should steer clear of Recruiters

By Recruitment

You’ve been playing with the idea of looking for a new position in Wagga Wagga or Albury Wodonga for a while now. You’ve finally decided that now is the time to start the process of the dreaded and exciting search for a new position.

Updating your resume is just the first step. As your to-do list grows, your excitement rapidly drops. So… to ease some fears, here’s why you NEED a Recruiter in your life…

Sometimes you need a bit of tough love. The truth is a good Recruiter isn’t going to represent you for a job they don’t think you’re suitable for. The plus side of this is you’re not being slotted into anything and everything; only roles you can truly excel in. This will help you understand what can push you forward and even polish your independent job search.

Interviews can be rough for some and can give you the sweats, the shakes and who knows what else… Tooting your own horn isn’t the easiest the thing to do… for some. A good Recruiter will have a great understanding of the client and company you’re interviewing with and will be able to guide you on how to best present yourself during your interviews. Making a good first impression is key but having the inside scoop will make this easier and will be the best thing to put your mind at ease.

We’re FREE
As a candidate, you owe us nothing but a collaborative and honest partnership. Have a chat and save some dollars. You may even get a free tea or coffee on us!

There are obviously a few other reasons why having a relationship with a good Recruiter can help you. There are plenty of amazing candidates who can back us up on this!

We love working with locals around Wagga and Albury Wodonga but if you’re looking to make a move to the Riverina-Murray region, give us a call!

I hope you’re not too upset with me for using a bit of click-bait… If you’re not, check us out on our website, Instagram and LinkedIn to see what we get up to!

Why I moved from Canberra to Wagga Wagga

By Recruitment

I’ve recently relocated from Canberra to Wagga and in the lead up to moving and even now, I get a deafening “why?!”

The culture in Wagga is something different from anything I’ve ever been around. I’ve moved a lot in my life, across Australia, the US and the UK and nothing quite compares to Wagga. If you’re looking to live, work and play in one of the friendliest cities in the world… You’ve come to the right spot.

Aside from having an amazing work-life balance, strong job market, affordable housing and great schools; Wagga has some incredible restaurants and cafes.

It’s disappointing to see so many city slickers with a negative view of Regional Australia because it’s truly amazing…


Now, if you love food then there are so many great restaurants, cafes, pubs, cocktail and wine bars (some of them award-winning including  Thaigga and Coffee Niche) to choose from you’ll never go hungry!


If Wagga isn’t sounding appealing enough yet, take a look at the median house price. $322,818. Are you kidding me? That’s $430K less than the average price to buy a house in our Nation’s Capital, Canberra… Talk about saving some dollars.


Maybe you’re looking to further your education? There are some great educational facilities in Wagga; CSU, UNSW, Notre Dame and TAFE just to name a few…

Do you have kids and are looking to enrol them into an awesome school? Wagga High School is awesome – with a fully working agriculture plot. All things sheep, calf’s, crops and more! Not to mention they have Wagga’s best Hospitality Teacher!

There are that many other great schools too; Kildare, TRAC, Kooringal High School (Rhyley’s alma mater…) and so many others that you might just have to enrol each child into a different school… 😉


Wagga and the surrounds also host some awesome events including, the annual Gears and Beers festival, Food and Wine festival, Cork and Fork festival and a huge hit, the Wagga Wagga Mardi Gras.

Wagga is scenic, spacious and quiet. Only two and a half hours away from Canberra (if you’re ever missing the PM…) and four-and-a-half-hour drive from Melbourne and Sydney if you’re looking for a weekend away. There is so much happening in Wagga, check out Visit Wagga’s website to see what you’re missing out on!

The beautiful people around Wagga are so warm and friendly, you will feel right at home wherever you are. The endless employment opportunities with some really great companies will mean you never have to leave!

If you’re considering your options or ready to make the move to Wagga, let’s talk. 02 6921 4488.

Comparing Coffee With Culture

By Recruitment

After a few too many cups this week, I’ve got the coffeel’s.  Anyone that knows me would tell you this can lead to a variety of conversations on any given topic.. Today, however my mind is focussed on workplace culture.. Well, I’ve come across a few styles in my time and much the same with coffee, sometimes you are left with a bitter taste in your mouth and other times it’s exactly the pick me up you need.

Let’s start with a burnt Cappuccino, a real crowd pleaser.

A beautiful creamy froth, much like your first twelve months in a new role. The people are great and there is loads of potential. However, once you get past the first couples of spoonful’s of froth and chocolate sprinkling ( the first couple of years) you realise there isn’t much depth to the company and your role. You begin thinking, am I still going to be in the same position in another two years’ time? Am I learning and developing? You love the people, however you can see they all lack motivation and have been stuck in the same role for the past ten years. You’ve now figured out the cliques of the business and the people who you try to avoid on a daily basis, it’s only a matter of time before you order another coffee at new cafe (a new Employer).

An Espresso. An acquired taste and not overly popular.

The definition of an espresso is;
“Shooting boiling water under high pressure through finely grounded coffee beans”. We all know where I’m heading with this small delight. It’s safe to say we have all been here at least once. You are working under a Manager that possesses limited people skills that has been promoted into a role above their skillset. Most of the time, only means one thing – Micromanagement. Just like shooting boiling water, you are constantly feeling the whip lash effects from your Managers moods. Work can be fun, especially when playing ‘Pick the personality’ with the team. An espresso is something you tend to try once and after you have it, you realise why you don’t go back – similar to that anxious feeling you get before you walk through those doors each morning. Depresso.

The classic go-to, a Flat White.

What makes a flat white different to most other coffees is the way it is prepared and poured. This creamy and consistent approach is what employee’s thrive on. Milk is the hidden ingredient here aka your culture and it is important that you have a clear direction. When Milk (your culture) is steamed and frothed correctly this creates a genuinely unique experience. Yes, more work goes into making a ridiculously good flat white, however your taste buds will always know the difference between the good and the bad. People want work within a team that plays on their strengths and ensures they are constantly learning and developing.

It is so important for Employers to have the right tools in order to retain employees and ensure they enjoy their roles and the culture. Like ratios between coffee and milk, this ultimately comes down to two things -Leadership and Culture. Your staff are your biggest asset and your culture is your brand, it’s a window into your soul, or in this case – cup. How are you ensuring your staff are happy in their roles?

Well, there’s my two bobs worth, I am always keen to chat about all things recruitment in Wagga Wagga and Albury Wodonga. Get in touch and we can discuss over a coffee, my shout!

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