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50% of business in the Riverina CANNOT fill their positions locally…

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That’ll do me!

I came across a video today where someone in a high-ranking position stated that 50% of businesses in the Riverina CANNOT fill their positions locally.


What a complete fabrication.

Someone, please show me the stats and research around this, I’m happy to be proven wrong.

I’ve been recruiting in the Riverina for over ten years across a variety of industries and can count on one hand the number of positions we haven’t been able to successfully fill out of around 400 roles.

I’d love to speak with the 50% of businesses that are in this situation and show you how we CAN track people down for these positions.

Over and out…

Job advertising is storytelling

By | Recruitment

Job advertising is storytelling.

Posting a position description online with an excessive list of duties whilst bragging about how good you are and how lucky this person will be to work with you isn’t going to cut it any longer…

Recruitment is marketing.

People don’t care if you have 30 employees, been in business for ten years and turn over 8 mil.

Give them success stories, tell them how people have progressed through your business, how they’ve grown professionally and personally, how they’re happy and healthy and how they have helped build the business.

Make it about them, not you.

Stop complaining about your staff being headhunted

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Stop complaining about your staff being headhunted.

Instead, ensure your culture is so good that they won’t leave.

Our Recruiters are constantly asked by clients if they would jump ship and work for them which I take as a compliment and it demonstrates that we are on the right track.

I don’t feel threatened by this at all and either should you.

If your culture is amazing and you have solid relationships with your team then you have nothing to fear.

And… Even if they do leave, let them! Take the lessons on board, congratulate them, wish them all the best and move forward.

If your staff are being poached, don’t look outwards, turn your attention inwards.

Healthy Whip, Healthy Workplace

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You’ve gotten rid of the ping pong table and blow up pool that have been sitting in your garage since summer, the floor has been swept and you’ve made room to bring that shiny bad boy home.

The first six months are absolute bliss, every morning you open the door and are hit with that intoxicating new car smell.

The weekly car wash turns into once a month, this is the beginning of the end and triggers an avalanche of issues and you become complacent and forget to service it.

Things start to unravel, the windscreen gets a crack, the air fresheners are hanging in record numbers from the rear-view mirror and still there is a stench in the air.

Yes, there could be a warranty issue, and this can happen from time to time. Not every car is perfect.   Don’t point the finger and blame the dealership or the dirty fuel you’ve been putting in the tank.

Get back on the right track and start treating that pride and joy with the love and respect that you did when you first bought it.

Keep the servicing up, fill it with the best fuel available, wash it on the regular, listen out for any signs that it may require further attention or maintenance.

Much like kicking off a new employee, you’ve bought a new chair, a flash new computer, tidied the office and made the space as welcoming as possible.

The first few months you’re constantly getting around them and ensuring that they have all the tools that they need, consistently catching up with them to make them feel welcomed and supported.

Then over time, you start to take things for granted, the catch up’s diminish and you assume that they know their role and that they’re happy. Assumptions are the mother of all f**k ups!

Sooner than later they blend into the environment and without you knowing start to feel unloved, they feed their mind with the wrong fuel and negativity creeps in and the cracks begin to appear.

Instead of taking ownership and acknowledging that you’ve dropped the ball, you blame other people in your business and bury your head in the sand.

However, all hope is not lost!

Make the changes that are required, take action straight away and don’t let this happen again. Step up and take full ownership, enough of pointing the finger.

Put systems in place and never become complacent, go back to basics. Don’t run a business where it’s all bells and whistles from the outset and this fades over time. That is a recipe that will send you to retention hell.

You already have awesome people, be grateful, never take them for granted and you won’t have any warranty issues.

Step up, be a true leader and watch your business soar.

Why Accountants are jumping ship

By | Recruitment

We have seen a huge increase in accountants getting out of public practice and stepping into company or management accounting..

The main reasons are culture, salary, lack of training or the archaic structure of how the public practice system operates which in-turn impacts the culture.

What is the answer?

Does the public practice accounting industry need a complete shake up??

Ive witnessed the roll out of the fixed pricing model in the legal industry and for the firms that have taken this approach, their ability to attract and retain staff has gone through the roof.

The best thing about fixed price billing is the fact that the client knows upfront what the services will cost. I hear you say, but this is crazy, we wont even know how much time this will take.

It doesn’t come down to time but the value that you are delivering.

The impact this has on your staff would be huge. The pressure comes off a little and they can ensure they are doing the best thing for their client. It gives your culture that little bit of flexibility too, instead of counting minutes your staff can still interact with each other whilst getting the job done.

Although accounting is about numbers, it is primarily a people business so leadership is critical and a firm will never outperform its leadership team.

What we hear from people is there is a lack of mentoring on offer to them, they are promised a lot and then receive minimal training and are thrown in the deep-end and within the blink of an eye, three years have passed, they get stale and then look at opportunities with more variety.

I think firms should take a much more pro-active approach to training and mentoring which will increase their retention rates. You shouldn’t underestimate the impact the leadership teams behaviour has on their people.

Nearly every firm we have spoken with over the past few years are all having huge problems recruiting and retaining Accountants.

The biggest issue however, is salary.. How are CPA qualified accountants with 2-3 years experience still only earning $60,000 per year??

Company Accountants are earning a minimum of $80,000 straight off the bat with bonuses and annual pay rises. This is what you are competing with.

Im not saying i have all or any of the answers to this, it is simply an observation over the past five years from speaking with many accountants who have left that side of the industry.

Let me know your thoughts.

Mindset & Staff Training

By | Recruitment

We were lucky enough to be mentioned on the shortlist website which is a subscription service that keeps recruitment agencies and talent acquisition professionals informed about crucial developments in the sector.

Read the article below:

Huntsman Recruiting founder Rhyley Hunter has seen similar strong growth from training consultants with no prior industry experience.

Although hiring recruiters with strong networks is also important, he says inexperienced consultants have a clean slate, without any preconceived ideas about what the industry is like or other “bad habits”.

The company, which recently rebranded from Wagga Wagga Recruitment and Albury Wodonga Recruitment, also works with a business/mindset coach on a weekly basis “who keeps us accountable in both our personal and business life”, he says.

“This is a fair expense; however we see this as a massive investment in ourselves, and the success we have had from this has been phenomenal.”

The white-collar regional specialist has just had a record quarter, on top of exponential increases in revenue in the years to March 2017 and March 2018 (up 276% and 225% respectively), and plans to expand into five or six locations, Hunter says.

Wagga Recruitment and Albury Wodonga Recruitment Re-Brand

By | Recruitment

In February 2019 Wagga Recruitment & Albury Wodonga Recruitment re-branded to Huntsman Recruiting.

The reasoning behind the re-brand is to ensure we are consistent with our approach and communication as we grow and expand our service offerings and locations.

We are also working on some impressive projects that will benefit your business in 2019 so keep an eye out for these.

Letting the cat out of the bag…

By | Recruitment

Okay, so I’m trying not to come across too negatively here , but I see it on a daily basis so I think it’s about time I let the cat out of the bag on why you aren’t getting your foot in the door or possibly even a rejection email from Employers in Wagga Wagga & Albury Wodonga.

It’s all about the approach. Okay, so you go through the usual steps of sending a generic CV and Cover Letter to an employer and then sit around for a couple of weeks, then a few weeks more wondering what the hell is going on, or for some maybe not even wondering at all.

Make your approach personalised. Email the hiring manager directly with an email that won’t put them to sleep, be genuine and unique and show them that you really do want to make that little bit of an extra effort to form the foundations of a successful relationship.

Time and time again we see the candidates that have the best initial approach end up gaining the position. The little things count.

This doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out email, maybe just a brief introduction showing your excitement in applying for the role followed by a few dot points confirming that your skill set, experience and ambitions are in line with the role they’re trying to fill.

Follow up with a phone call, I dare you ha!

I’d say maybe one in ten applicants would call to have a quick chat over the phone and build a little bit of rapport, this works wonders in gaining an interview. You don’t want to bombard the hiring manager with stupid questions that have already been answered in the advert but make a list of intelligent questions that start a conversation on the role, if you’re up for it even follow up after that with an email thanking them for their time. This really sets you up for a positive first impression.

Don’t get me wrong, I do come across some awesome applications and follow up calls/emails so there is some hope.

Get back to the basics, use your manners, have patience, always follow up in the right way and you’ll nearly be certain to at least get in front of that particular hiring manager.

If you want to sit down and have a chat about your approach to gaining a role and how we can help, then get in touch with us today.

On the other hand, if you need staff then give one of our recruiters a buzz, we have the candidates with the right approach up our sleeves.

I’m sure it may be totally different in the metro markets with the sheer number of applicants per role and availability of positions so this is limited to what I’ve seen here locally in Wagga Wagga & Albury Wodonga.

The need for speed

By | Recruitment

I’ve noticed a trend that’s happening here in Wagga Wagga & Albury Wodonga lately. More and more businesses are taking way too much time to hire the right candidates.

We are in a market where talent is hard to come by and even harder to keep, we need to start to improve our hiring methods.

When you finally secure a great candidate for a role, why mess around and go back and forth over a week or two for the sake of possibly 5-10K. If you break down the payroll cost over a year you will soon see that you are better off paying a higher salary and being flexible on working arrangements than sticking to your guns.

When an employee is content with their salary and working conditions, they generally won’t be scouting around on seek or other job boards in search of another option.

I’ve witnessed on numerous occasions, businesses in Wagga Wagga & Albury Wodonga that have lost the most sought after or talented candidates throughout the final stages of the recruitment process. The best candidates will have put the feelers out to several companies or contacts in their network so they most likely have other options on the table. Our advice would be that when you find that perfect candidate, lock them in ASAP and make it known that you want them on your team.

There are many different reasons why you should start to look at the speed of hiring in your business.

Leaving positions unfilled due to a lengthy hiring process can have a massive impact on your business and its revenue. Earlier this year we had a discussion with a client who we had recently filled a sales role for and he was having some fun and stirring us up about the fee involved. The role was vacant for six weeks before they had made contact with us and we discussed how many sales the new consultant had made in their first month and this clearly outweighed the fee not to mention the lost revenue from the weeks the role sat vacant. Imagine if they had of hired the candidate six weeks beforehand!!

From our experience, a lot of businesses believe that extensive hiring procedures would allow them to select the best candidate possible, but the time spent comparing candidates won’t pay off if the best ones have already accepted another offer.

Call us to discuss how we can help improve your recruitment process and ultimately shorten the time to hire for your business.

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