A straight-shooting recruitment agency that makes you really think about your requirements, culture and recruitment strategies.

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Rhyley Hunter


I'm a straight-shooting recruitment professional with over 56 years experience (in dog years) recruiting white-collar roles in the Riverina.

Being a true consultant and not an order-taker, it is my job to make hiring easier and more effective for companies in the Riverina region. I do this by asking hard-hitting questions that make you really think about your requirements, culture and recruitment strategies.

I know the importance of taking an extremely thorough job-brief and then producing high-calibre attraction material to seek out the best available talent.

I love developing engaging adverts and marketing material and believe this is the point of difference I can offer.


Kaity Fuller

Senior Recruiter

Being a part of the business for the past three years, I fell in love with the industry and naturally progressed into the role of Recruitment Consultant. I have a genuine interest in partnering with local companies and not-for-profit organisations to help get the best people into their teams. I get a kick out of not only matching people’s skillsets to the role but making sure the cultural fit is right and I believe this is the key to ensuring their success.

A little about me? I’ll start with the obvious - I stand at a whopping 5foot tall and any short jokes, I will also respond with “Diamonds don’t come the size of bricks”. I am a Mummy, Wife and the next Donna Hay. I love to cook and entertain. I am a lover of high heels (insert short joke here), Champagne and Fleetwood Mac.

Connect with me on LinkedIn for networking, career opportunities and more!


Elly-May Pratt


I may be biased, however, I believe that I've learnt from the best in the business and have found myself with an instant passion for playing the role of matchmaker, assisting with the growth of many businesses, finding them the perfect fit.

I can hand on heart say that I'll never look to fit a square peg into a round hole, simply for the sake of closing a deal.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing businesses and people thrive and if I can play a small part in that, then I go home feeling incredibly fulfilled.

You may be asking, where did this wildcat Recruiter come from? I'm proud to say that I have a background in Preschool Teaching and Early Education. It was a great stepping stone to a career in recruitment.
Hear me out... Have you ever been in charge of 20 four years old's in one room? Recruitment can and will throw anything and everything your way, so I thank those four-year-olds for thickening my skin and making me a more empathic and resilient person.

I'm a true example of someone who made the jump from vastly different fields and advocate for those willing to do the same.

I'm not just your average Recruiter.

I'm also the office DJ, Netflix recommendation queen and hold the record for most parking tickets issued in the office.


Gemma Nolen

Recruitment Resourcer

There are a few rules that I like to live by.

Family comes first
Never stop learning, helping or meeting new people
Saying no to a cuppa is a sin

I have often felt overwhelmed or confused whilst trying to get to the bottom of that daunting question “what do I want to be when I grow up``.

Joining the Huntsman Team has bought about many certainties for me and helped me gain clarity around that question.

It's not about what I want to be, it's about who I want to be. This is a feeling, not a job and as part of the Hunty team, I'm able to live out my three rules on a daily basis.

So, here’s the deal with me - I’m switched on, efficient and find satisfaction in seeing things through to completion. I’m always ready to lend a hand (or provide caffeine) in order to keep things moving forward.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not all about business. I appreciate stopping for a chin-wag and to crack a few jokes, to the best of my ability anyway, ha.

I’m highly empathetic and understanding, providing a shoulder to cry on or an ear to chew off.

I have a fantastic Fiancé and two incredible kids who teach me new life lessons every day and remind me to stop and smell the roses. At the end of the day, being a kind and genuine person is at the top of my priority list.

With a unique marketing approach we produce high-calibre sourcing and attraction material to seek out the best talent.


“FIRST CLASS SERVICE! The team at Huntsman Recruiting are not only exceptional at what they do, but they are also a mentor and guide to both the employer and employee to finding the perfect match. Rhyley and Katie's knowledge experience and their contagious positive attitude is what sets them apart and what makes them the BEST in the business!”

Ashleigh Hoitink

“The team at Huntsman Recruiting are terrific. As I am new to the area being able to rely on their local experience and connections was invaluable. I would recommend any job seekers reach out to them with your resume.”

Thomas Foley

“Huntsman Recruiting are outstanding. I was immediately impressed by my recruiter's understanding of my background, goals and the ability to match me with positions I was very interested in and felt qualified for. Professional, approachable and provided advice when needed.”

Emma Reynolds

“Would happily recommend Huntsman Recruiting to anyone seeking short or long term placements. I have found them to be quick to respond and extremely flexible. We will continue to use their recruitment services in Wagga Wagga as we have not found better.”

Paul CoghlanFinancial Officer, Southern NSW Local Health District

“I cannot thank Holli from Huntsman enough! This was the first time I applied through a recruiting agency and I loved it! I highly recommend these guys. The job ad was very descriptive. Each time I met with Holli she was so polite and extremely helpful. Five stars!!”

Makayla SaltmarshBlue Frog Optics

“We are absolutely stoked with the job Huntsman Recruiting did for us. They invested the time in getting to know us and understood the type of person we were looking for. Hiring people can be hard and time consuming. Huntsman Recruiting made it simple. Easy to deal with, great value, great results.”

Rhys BowerBower Wood Lawyers

“Holli helped our firm with a recent cadet hire. She is enthusiastic, proactive and a pleasure to work with. I would strongly recommend using Holli / Huntsman Recruiting to any business owner who is committed to building their team.”

Charles TalbotWDF Professional

“Huntsman Recruiting have simply been amazing in the way they helped us recruit our new employee. They clearly understood the role requirements and at the same time made sure the candidates were at ease during interview. Their filtering process made sure we interviewed only those which best fit the role and our culture. ”

Lalit GounderHartwigs

“I utilised Huntsman Recruiting to find myself two staff after having them recommended to me by someone else that I Trust. They very quickly understood what I was looking for and that was primarily CULTURE fit. I find the team at Huntsman Recruiting very easy to converse with and well connected which helps in sourcing quality staff quickly so we can get back to business.”

Gavin LambNavigate Advisors

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Huntsman Recruiting to secure a new position. Their approach to recruitment is simple, yet effective. I was extremely impressed by their passion and dedication to matching the right candidate to the right position. I found their supportive nature and regular communication removed much of the anxiety that comes with making a job change - the process was actually enjoyable! I would highly recommend Huntsman Recruiting to any candidate or company - you won’t regret it!”

Megan LawrenceRiverina Cardiology

“Huntsman Recruiting assisted me in finding a great position earlier this year when I relocated to Wagga.After personally making contact with many local recruiters in Wagga Wagga, they were the only agency to respond and ask for my resume. I am truly grateful for the effort and time spent with me to secure the position. I have and will continue to recommend Huntsman Recruiting in the Riverina region.””

Ellie Barlee

“Kaity is truly a breath of fresh air and you can’t help but be energised and excited by her enthusiasm and passion that she has for her job and for assisting people to get the right job that is suitable for their requirements. I cannot recommend her highly enough. ”

Shelley Smith

“Thank you to the Huntsman team, especially my recruiter Holli, who made me feel so comfortable through the process. It's nerve racking leaving a job to take a step into something new, but I was reassured and kept informed at every point. Thanks for hooking me up with a great opportunity, in a team that is proving to be just what I was looking for.”

Laura HarleyAgriFutures Australia

“The entire team are beyond amazing. Both Kaity and Holli have strived to place me in roles and have never missed a beat! Rhyley is always a pleasure to speak to. The team are hardworking, welcoming and strive to ensure you are placed into roles that are suited to you.

I would recommend this for anyone seeking temp work and to be placed in a permanent role. You won't be let down!!”

Miranda O'Meley

“Rhyley and his team were phenomenal. They were quick, responsive and very professional. I would highly recommend Huntsman Recruiting. ”

Molly Radley

“Coming off the back of some really ordinary experiences in terms of recruitment, I was hesitant to do it again. But having worked with Holli and the team at Huntsman, I can't recommend them highly enough. I was really impressed with their ability to combine professionalism with an easy-going approach, and this really showed with both the quality of candidates we had, as well as the entire process. Thanks Holli!”

Austin GregorBetter Mobility




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Having an amazing internal culture ourselves, we know how important this is and are committed to getting the cultural fit right for your business.


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