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A bit of sweat is good for the soul.

A little story about what really gets me going.

I was in the Sauna a couple of weeks ago and sat down in my budgie smugglers.

Terrifying, I know.

The guy next to me says ” Hey are you Mr Huntsman?”

“Your business helped me get a job when I first moved to Australia from Iraq – thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

He kept tapping his heart with his hand whilst saying this.

“This job has changed my family’s life, I am very grateful, I love it here”.

At this stage in my career, I am somewhat removed from the day-to-day recruiting, however, hearing things like this just hit home to me the value of what we do and the impact we can have.

The tapping of the heart and the genuine emotion he showed made me super proud of our team and what we have accomplished.

It’s easy to take things for granted and this guy brought me back home again.

I was considering giving him a cuddle but thought this might have been a bit too much considering where we were.

Now, the question is. Is it ok for a grown man in his budgies to shed a tear in the Sauna?

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