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Control yourself. 

Back from an incredible honeymoon in Italy and Greece, where every detail was planned by a travel agent. We completely let go, trusted that we were in good hands and embraced the adventure, fully present in our little bubble.

Back to Australia, and reality hit. Four kids under six, work calling and the demands of everyday life flooding back.

I felt out of control with no routine and having had a month off I found myself clutching at straws to regain some kind of control or significance in order to feel myself again.

Everything at Hunty HQ ran so smoothly whilst I was away. We have a phenomenal team and it sounds like madness which it was but I felt as though I was no longer needed (I know, every business owner’s dream, ha) my baby had grown up and didn’t want to cuddle dad any longer

So what did I do? I made every mistake in the book. Trying to regain control, I rushed back into things, seeking updates on everything and everyone, trying to sneak my way back into projects etc.

My communication was totally off, and I managed to rub people the wrong way.

It took weeks of reflection and one sleepless night to realise my misstep. Control wasn’t about being all over every aspect of my business, clients, or family—it was an inside job. I needed to regain control of myself.

I could feel myself spiralling but at least I had the awareness of what was going on.

Through developing healthy habits like getting my diet back on track, cutting back on the wine (we gave it a good nudge, one waiter told us that in Italy water is only good for rust), meditating, correcting my thoughts, getting back to the gym and being disciplined again, I found my balance.

As soon as I let go of trying to control everything except myself and instead took ownership , everything fell into place effortlessly without me doing a thing.

It’s funny how controlling just ourselves can in turn bring about a feeling of control and stability in every aspect of our lives.

I relaxed, slowly got back into the swing of things and calmly got my head and heart back in the game.

I wanted to be authentic here and give you a window into some of the ups and downs we all go through.

Im guessing that I’m not alone in this experience.

Control starts within. By controlling what we can, the only thing – ourselves, we can then relax and allow things to unfold the way they should.

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