How To Ace Your Next Job Interview

Looking to ace your next interview? I bet you never thought that you could learn a thing or two from the movie ‘Step Brothers’.

There’s no need to study the movie, check out the snippet below for a good laugh with a few examples of what not to do…

Check it out here

In this scene, Brennen and Dale have been told by their parents that they need to get jobs, even though they’re very musically talented…  

They’ve been offered a couple of interviews and it wouldn’t be a funny movie if it went smoothly, now would it?  

Examples of what not to do:

Learn how to pronounce the names of the people you’re meeting with. This is obviously exaggerated in the movie because I’m not sure how many people would struggle with the name Pam.

Don’t ask personal or inappropriate questions. The step brothers ask the interview to rank his wife against celebrities in terms of attractiveness and how much he makes per annum. This is obviously a big NO!

Provide credible references. Brennen provides his stepbrother and Jesus as his references on his resume. Be a bit more selective and provide references that will be able to attest to your professional history.

Always add a positive spin when asked about your weaknesses. In the movie, the step brothers discuss their inability to work after 11am, they’re slow learners and they’re not good listeners. Instead of just listing things like this, be sure to discuss how you plan to overcome this, for example, “I have learnt to take notes during meetings to remain present and to ensure I remember the important topics.”

Don’t talk over the interviewer! This seems like a no brainer but take your time with answering and let the interview get out what they need to. In the movie, the step brothers are verbally abusive to Pam and talk over her for most of the interview. Take a step back, be present but respectful.

Here’s a few extra tips from the team at Huntsman Recruiting:

Prepare a list of questions for the interviewer. This might be relating to the role, the company, the culture etc. Anything you’re wondering about before you jump into the role to settle any of your concerns.

Befriend the Receptionist. The Receptionist will be your best friend! Making a lasting impression with the Receptionist will be extremely helpful – they’re the face of the business and often have a lot of input in first impressions of candidates.

Always be thankful. Being respectful and appreciative of the panel’s time, shows how you would act if you were selected. Sending a follow up email after you finish your interview thanking the panel for their time will go a LONG way!

Let us know what you think of our tips from Step Brothers and if there are any other interviews in movies you want us to check out!

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Happiness is finding the perfect fit.

Paiton Morphett


Hey there, I’m Paiton — your go-to gal for efficiency and innovation. Currently slaying the scene as the Temporary Recruitment Consultant here at Huntsman, I thrive on matching top talent with killer opportunities, thanks to my eagle-eyed attention to detail.

I’m also a co-owner of a successful venture in residential building and construction. From kickstarting the business to handling all the nitty-gritty operations, I’ve got it covered.

When I’m not in recruitment mode or managing our construction venture, you’ll find me diving headfirst into the world of human resources and industrial relations, currently pursuing studies to deepen my understanding of this dynamic field.

On top of all that, I’m passionate about interior design, blending creativity with strategy to create inspiring spaces. With a diverse skill set spanning recruitment, entrepreneurship, human resources, and design, I’m geared up to make waves in various professional fields.

Connect with me for a dose of career excitement and design passion!

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Laura Phillips

Marketing & Administration Coordinator

Picture this… you’re born into a world where Adobe platforms are on the rise, social media is coming out to play and the digital world is more accessible than ever… Enter me, a girl with a love for design, an eye for detail and a plethora of opportunities to put those passions into play.

With the loves of my life being my two staffies named Reign and Bentley, I’ll admit that I’m a dog mum through and through.

Did someone say Thai? Chilli, Basil Noodles are my go-to comfort food.

I’m a country gal at heart but love big city vibes and believe that first impressions last, so upscaling brands to leave that lasting wow factor is my jam!

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, photos and videos, if you’re interacting with the Hunty socials chances are, you’ll be interacting with me. So get ready for some motivation, hot tips, insider secrets and behind the scenes moments because we’re coming in HOT!

Liv Jolliffe


‘Definitely not a wallflower’

I was described as this once, probably with the intention of causing offence – but in fact, it had the opposite effect… I’m definitely NOT A WALLFLOWER. I’m outrageous, fun loving, energetic and am usually juggling multiple categories of life, all at once!
What’s that saying? “If you want something done, give it to someone busy”? Insert raised hand emoji here!

Part of my skill set learnt early on, working in the event industry, is to facilitate expectations – both from a client and vendor perspective. You’re the middle man. You’re there to bridge the gap between what the client wants and what the vendor can provide. Much like recruiting… We’re here to find you the perfect fit, and to be open and honest about what that looks like for both client and candidate.

Safe to say I’ve found my happy place – providing both clients and candidates with solutions to their problems in a timely, no fuss approach, with modern marketing and a kick a$$ team.

I’ve always had a passion for learning new skills and it excites me to grow both personally & professionally within the Hunty team.

I hope to bring that same feeling of growth & connectedness to the clients and candidates in their employer/employee recruitment journey.

Kaity Fuller


Over the years I fell in love with the industry and naturally progressed into the role of Recruitment Consultant and now Chief Operations Officer. I have a genuine interest in partnering with local companies and not-for-profit organisations to help get the best people into their teams. I get a kick out of not only matching people’s skillsets to the role but making sure the cultural fit is right and I believe this is the key to ensuring their success.

A little about me? I’ll start with the obvious – I stand at a whopping 5 feet tall and I have now mastered my short jokes response, “Diamonds don’t come the size of bricks” ha! . I am a Mum, Wife and the next Donna Hay and also a Reformer Pilates Instructor on the side. I love to cook and entertain. I am a lover of high heels (insert short joke here) and fashion, a good glass of champagne and any Fleetwood Mac tune. (Steve Nicks – I love you!)

Connect with me on LinkedIn for networking, career opportunities and more!

Rhyley Hunter

Managing Director

First and foremost, I’m a devoted father and husband, fully embracing the responsibilities that come with those roles. My family’s well-being is my main concern; everything else is secondary. It’s an absolute madhouse at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A rehabilitated people-pleaser who no longer feels the need to masquerade as someone I’m not.

As I’ve grown older, wiser, and balder, I have found myself speaking less, listening more, and not worrying about what others think of me.

Life is short.

Business doesn’t have to be serious and full of pretenders, so I’ve taken off the mask and am simply being me: rough around the edges, quirky, and a bit of a strange cat.

Business has always fascinated me, with its ups and downs, daily lessons, and the inevitable growth that accompanies them. Along the way, I’ve accumulated my fair share of battle scars, both figuratively and maybe a few clumsy mishaps here and there. But hey, it’s all part of the journey, and I’ve learned valuable lessons from each experience.

Recruitment holds a special place in my heart because I have personally experienced the impact that an exceptional team can have on businesses. Hence, I recognize the immense importance of the industry.

I am very well aware of the transformative power we possess in helping individuals pursue improved career prospects and overall lifestyles.

Leading the Huntsman team is an absolute privilege. I love helping people grow and better themselves. I have my team’s back through thick and thin, and whatever happens, I take full ownership and responsibility.